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Buying Windows application

Discussion in 'Programming' started by chrisj383, Apr 29, 2019.

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    I need a windows application creating which can call on a bash script located on my server and install a remote server.

    A user will answer some questions on the application (questions will be given) then it will fetch the main installation script and install the server per there fully answered questions.

    The user will only be able to use the windows application if they have an active server installation credit. I will be using coinpayments.com to collect payments from user. This can be done within the application or via Web.

    I will also need to track who's installed the windows application.

    Any questions please ask
    chrisj383, Apr 29, 2019 IP
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  2. o_iSniPe_xX

    o_iSniPe_xX Well-Known Member

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    I can get this done. If you'd like to PM me, I'll definitely take the job!
    o_iSniPe_xX, May 1, 2019 IP