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Why the Free General B2b directory sector is over

Discussion in 'Directories' started by Web_Shark, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Seeing as Google devalued most b2b directories - its now pointless submitting to them for rankings as their profiles got deleted and they struggle - so any new listings cant stand out. Also the directories get such low traffic, so why would anyone wish to list with them... Directories have evolved now, and went niche/vertical years ago - so you now have no choice but to pay to list with the niche ones. Don't want to? fine, just expect even less exposure.
    The General/All Purpose b2bs, Yell types went bust years ago - I suspect the owners keep them hosted because:

    1. Fear/panic they'll lose one way links built over time (although the directorie's one-ways are probably useless due to poor linking strategies).

    2. ego/emotional attachment needs

    3. Blind stupidness

    4. No clue what to do next

    sometimes the best thing is to let go of a naff idea, and free yourself of the stress involved. I'm shocked that a few 'so-called free directories' remain totally free - I often wonder
    how they survive, never mind make a profit.

    But its been over for many years, as Google like to see huge mega resource sites now - and unless you can build a directory upto 3 million results - just don't bother as it can't be done.
    Web_Shark, Jan 23, 2017 IP