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Why is Marketing so Confusing?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by PinterestUsers?, Nov 30, 2018.

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    There are 2 main ways of affiliate marketing.

    1. Run an ad campaign yourself, send the ad clicker to product website via your affiliate link.
    You can run these ads on news portals, which most people follow,
    or on specific websites where your potential buyers are most likely to hang around.
    Like if you are promoting a tool for webmasters, then this forum.

    2. Setup a website yourself, around the product. Write reviews, post review videos.
    Provide so much good content so that you might rank for a couple of keywords on google.
    Show your affiliate ads on this website.
    Use javascript to show affiliate ads, not just plain HTML. This prevents passing link juice to product website...

    Always try to create an email list, and provide useful info in it.
    Do not send affiliate link in email.
    Send a useful article, bring reader on your website, show affiliate ad on the website.

    Affiliate marketing, basically any marketing is numbers game.
    If you show your ad to 100 people, may be 1-5 will buy.
    You just have to try that 5 people buy, instead of just one.
    Try to find places which allow you flexibility of "ad types"
    Like twitter does, you can choose to run an ad campaign and pay only if people follow you, or only if they retweet, etc.

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    JEET, Oct 29, 2019 IP