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Why is Google Bot/Crawler is ahead of all other search engine crawlers?

Discussion in 'Google' started by latest-release, Mar 5, 2020.

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    Can't say google bot is running on a very powerful computer server, For example my Site has lots of pages, but google indexed pages are far more than all other search engines. And I still wonder why?
    Why is google bot/crawler a head of all others?
    latest-release, Mar 5, 2020 IP
  2. Johnriver743

    Johnriver743 Active Member

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    Actually Google is most popular search engine as compare to others. So most of tiny search engines are following Google search results in their interface. Because everyone looking for Authentic results and Google is known as best ideas and results.
    Johnriver743, Mar 10, 2020 IP
  3. praetserge

    praetserge Notable Member

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    What other search engines?
    There used to be bing/yahoo but they slowed down crawling in 2019 to save money.
    Well... there are baidu and yandex but I wonder how many use them.
    praetserge, Mar 16, 2020 IP