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Selling Why do you need my services? How can I help you? What do I charge?

Discussion in 'Services' started by GAdsense, Jun 30, 2018.



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    I know it is difficult to find time when you are busy managing the important tasks, you wish for a virtual assistant you can rely over to get the job done. Someone's who is multi-talented and whom you can rely over for excellent work with a quick turnaround time.

    Having done numerous jobs professionally, I have the experience under my belt to prove as an asset to you. I've now resigned from a full-time job to freelance. As they say, less is more. I am not concerned about the amount of money as much as your satisfaction with the work done.

    • Professional Article Writing
    • Domain Research
    • Brand Research
    • Project Management
    • Website Analysis
    • Keyword Research
    • HTML / CSS / PHP / Javascript / Wordpress
    • Professional Image Editing (Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator)
    • Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Optimization / Search Engine Marketing
    • Data Entry
    • Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin / Social Bookmarking Setup
    • Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools Management
    • Customer Service / Writing Emails
    • Product Listing / Product Reviews
    • Proofread Documents
    • PDF to MS Word
    • Image to MS Word
    • Image to Text
    • WordPress Management
    • Online Research
    • E-Commerce Store Management
    • Professional Presentations
    • Any Custom Online Task
    Over the number of years, my passion for all things web has given me this great opportunity to accumulate these skills. Let me help you get your job done with it.

    Whatever you feel fair for the job is happily accepted. Something that makes us both mutually happy. Since each task is different and demands different number of hours and skillet, let's discuss what you're looking forward to get done.

    Can you trust me?

    I believe in good karma. Doing good always comes back to you.

    So I'll get your work done first and then you can make the payment once you're satisfied with it.

    Looking forward to creating meaningful business relationships. I look forward to providing you the best service. I'm available 16 hours a day, so don't worry I will never disappoint you.

    Have a great day! And yes, please PM me what you need done! :)
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
    GAdsense, Jun 30, 2018 IP
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  2. jg123

    jg123 Notable Member

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    Just wanted to drop-in and say thanks for completing my project so quickly. We will do business again for sure!
    jg123, Jun 30, 2018 IP
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  3. GAdsense

    GAdsense Well-Known Member

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    @jg123 Thank you Jay. You have given others a reason to believe in me. Words can merely not describe the gratitude I feel. Thank you so much. Really looking forward for more work.
    GAdsense, Jul 1, 2018 IP