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Why do visitors think my business is a scam?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by paidtoclick.ca, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Hi there,

    I own...


    Now obviously not all visitors think it is a scam. I get thousands of unique views daily out of that I receive about 5 or so emails per day asking if the site is a scam or not?

    I have done my best to ensure it does not look like a scam, cause its NOT.

    I have been paying people on time all the time for over a year now and still the questions keep coming... Are you a scam?

    When in reality I am the farthest thing from a scam.

    Any clues or ideas on things I can do to the site to help gain trust in users.
    I want to eventually never see scam emails again.

    Is this just apart of any online business?

    Do other webmasters get support questions like these?

    Maybe the fact that users are from countries all around the world?

    I don't know?

    Maybe you the viewers can take a look and try and spot or point out anything that you might think of as scam looking.

    Even though nothing on the site is a scam.


    Tks for any help on this matter.
    paidtoclick.ca, Nov 4, 2013 IP
  2. Rishit Shah

    Rishit Shah Active Member

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    PTC industry has lost reputation due many scammers who taken away monies of millions of people. The scams are done easily because of low investment needed in this kind of business model. And after service like buxhost it is even a lot more easier to set up PTC sites.

    People don't research and do not even make a business plan and start away PTC site and in the end they scam people to recover their lost money.
    That is why people have mistrust on PTC sites. Even I have been scammed when I was new to the internet world and was trying to earn online.

    To eliminate this effect of mistrust you can show your whole business model to the people in such a way that your business secret remains secret and people start trusting you.
    Rishit Shah, Nov 4, 2013 IP
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  3. Spoiltdiva

    Spoiltdiva Prominent Member

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    It appears that the mods do not share your opinion.;)(banned)
    Spoiltdiva, Nov 5, 2013 IP
  4. Webcenter

    Webcenter Well-Known Member

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    Even you are banned read my suggestion.

    Due to many scammers, ptc business owners can build an online reputation pretty hard.

    You should have a forum with all your recent payment proofs. I hope it helps.
    Webcenter, Nov 5, 2013 IP
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