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Why can't we decide what click payments should be?

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by AmaZulu, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Pierce

    Pierce Active Member

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    i ment $0.005 or half a cent.

    If you login to adwords you can advertise for 1c for 1 click. Google obviously takes its cut which is some percentage of a cent.

    Let me take another examle that may make more sense. You buy a computer from Dell. The moment you hang up on the phone, they have the money from your credit card company.

    Now, this money they have taken off you has to go pay for the parts of your computer and some for proffit for Dell at the end. But, heres the cool part that makes dell so poweful. They dont have to pay anybody your money for 30 days due to there relationships with suppliers.

    The money that they have for 30 days, they can use to put in there bank and earn interest, or they can use it to command better savings and cheaper hardware, they can gamble it on the stockmarket or buy property whatever they want.

    Now, take google, all these half cents (just an example, we dont know how much google take), are lying in accounts that have less than $100 to be paid out. Google can do the same with this money as Dell does.

    This is why I think it doesnt really matter to google about the low click prices and why holding your breath is pointless.

    Pierce, Apr 21, 2007 IP
  2. zodiac

    zodiac Peon

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    it is true that google doesn't care about low cpc,because of all the accounts that don't have the $100.thats why the min bid is 1¢ for site ads and it cost alot more for search ads.

    btw,a click that happens today, google may not see the money untill next month.
    zodiac, Apr 21, 2007 IP
  3. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    the click prices are to a high degree made by the publisher ...
    if you understand pricing/bidding/smart pricing
    and optimize all you can do
    - by offering the highest paying formats ONLY
    - by placing the most successful format ( most successful according to G's updated help page ) at the ATF placement


    if publishers strictly publish UNIQUE value content of topics that are
    - in natural demand by large Nos of ppl
    - in a healthy strong industry

    then you attract good solid business advertisers being able to bid a honest price FAR ABOVE CENTS

    it's a publisher's choice and job to be useful and CREATE useful content that supplements the industry's products or services

    from ALL the sites visited so far from whining webmasters I have never seen a single truly optimized site
    hence low $ as a result of professional laziness and lack of true efforts to understand the advertising-idustry's needs
    hans, Apr 22, 2007 IP
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  4. SEOLinker

    SEOLinker Banned

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    hans, very true. good post and rep added.
    SEOLinker, Apr 22, 2007 IP