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Why Adsense?

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by anonymous01, Sep 26, 2013.


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    Why Adsense?

    There are a lot of PPC (PPC stands for pay per click) programs out there, so, why adsense?
    1. Rates
    Any publisher who does anything with banners should know that adsense will pay more per click than just about anyone else. When Chitica is paying 0.005$ per click and bidversiter 0.01$ adsense is paying from like 0.10$-3.00$ per click.

    2. Popularity
    Adsense has many advertisers.
    What that means it that when the less popular companies are not always filling your ad space adsense has it filled. Basically with less popular companies they may sometimes run out of ads to show, and temperarly stop showing ads, but that should never happen with adsense.

    3. Morals
    Adsense will never show object-able content on your site.
    Ever wonder what companies are showing on your site? If you pick a random company (especially from a google search) how do you know they are not a scam or showing objectable content without you knowing?

    4. Why are so many banned?
    You may hear about a lot of people being banned or not accepted, but that can be deceiving.
    First of all adsense is a big company, with so many people working for them you are likely going to have more banned than from other companies with fewer publishers. Second they have strict policies. Although they have strict policies, people who are banned must break the rules first. Third you do not hear about people not being banned and making an income, but you hear a lot of angry people being banned.

    5. Summery
    Other companies like chitica, bidvertiser, and propeller ads just don't do the same as adsense
    :( , instead I think they could learn a lot by taking a look at adsense.

    Although I have not tried Digital Point ads I have heard a lot of good reviews and they seem similar to adsense, so I think I will give them a go :) .
    Thanks For Viewing :)
    anonymous01, Sep 26, 2013 IP
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    This is the top post of the day for me! Well thought out and well written, particularly point 4.
    adsenseplr, Sep 26, 2013 IP