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Who is copying NiceNIC.NET?

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by iisp.hk, Apr 8, 2016.

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    Dear FOLLOWERs,
    Firstly, we NiceNIC.NET Team thank you for your complete copying and we are glad to see that our website's style, content, pictures etc. are preferred by all of you.

    Secondly, when we heard that our website NiceNIC.NET was increasingly plagiarized, to be honest, that moment we were a bit irritated, especially our kind Designers, they did spend much time and energy to scheme the layout and write the details, though they referred to other companies' websites also.

    Thirdly, our Abuse Team suggested that we should report these domain names to organizations like Registrar, ICANN, CNCERT/CC, Network Policy Officer or 12315. Finally, we didn't do so, we realize that the name holders of these domain names come from China, we NiceNIC.NET is a China-based company as well, in the past years, we read too many information that were accusing Chinese domainers had been cheating users, we honestly hate and distain behaviours of this kind. Nonetheless, we still believe that we Chinese people are not so bad anyhow.

    Fourthly, for the sake of clients' interests and benefits, we decide to list these domain names as follows as a friendly declaration, since we have no idea about to what extent these websites have been defrauding consumers worldwide. We are more than willing to believe that these domain holders might be not so good at English and website building, complete copying is actually not what they really need.

    Lastly, these domain owners are using the copied websites to register domain names with other Registrars, it might influence other Registrars' reputation in some sense. If possible, we hope these domain name holders can become our Resellers, maybe you were worrying about that we would be angry with you, but we won't! We hope you can make profit over the effort that you maintain your websites. Besides, if you have difficulty in communicating with customers who speak English, we are more than happy to be of assistance. Please feel free to contact us by Ticket or Email (), we are at your service!

    Kindest regards,
    NiceNIC.NET Team
    ICANN & CNNIC & HKIRC Accredited Registrar
    Shared Hosting & Dedicated Server Provider (HK)

    Gu**ong Zhang, Tan **n, ni**

    X**ng Zhang, er**

    Huang Lon**ei, 3309**


    li d**ong,lil**

    *阳, 83**

    JAN D**ONT, E**

    and more ...
    iisp.hk, Apr 8, 2016 IP
  2. nkgrg

    nkgrg Well-Known Member

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    hello nicenics,
    I have a small suggestion for you even if you do not or will not agree.
    When you are an ICAAN domain registrar, you should not only think LOCAL. That's what I think you are doing.

    You normally have no right to trap your domain owners to host their site in your server or use your hosting service. I have noticed that your system doesn't provide the possibilities of changing external nameservers from domain panel which no other ICAAN registrar does.

    It's time to think international, liberty and freedom as well.

    thank you for your attention.
    nkgrg, Apr 28, 2016 IP