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Which tools do you use to create videos for social media?

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by Michael Aubry, Jun 15, 2020.

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    Folks I am the founder of an online video editing tool.

    I would love to learn what you guys do to create videos. Are you using any tools and do you have specific goals?

    What I have built is to make it easy to generate subtitles and make cuts inside your video. Also, another thing I am solving is making motion graphics easier to implement in videos.
    Ultimately I would love to learn how we can build a tool that is amazing and super accessible for all so that we can get more traffic and sales.

    Let's open this up as a learning thread. Just ramble about your video creation process and if you want to talk to me 1:1 I am happy to do that as well. The tool I have been carefully crafting is https://storycreatorapp.com would love feedback on where I am currently at.
    Michael Aubry, Jun 15, 2020 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    My vids are instructional (that's being kind to them) rather than sales so I just use snagit but it would be good to be able to add captions and effects.
    sarahk, Jun 15, 2020 IP
  3. LadyStarc

    LadyStarc Greenhorn

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    I have used Lumen5 for making two three vids myself besides that I have an animator working with me.
    LadyStarc, Jun 18, 2020 IP