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Which program do you use for HTML? Notepad++ vs?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by formicin, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. webcosmo

    webcosmo Notable Member

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    Let's say that web storm has file explorer, so it is much easier to work with your files than notepad ++. Correct me if I am wrong. Also, you are able to track your variables, which is must have.
    webcosmo, Sep 11, 2015 IP
  2. kk5st

    kk5st Prominent Member

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    File explorer? Doesn't any half-assed editor allow you to view/edit your directories? To be honest, I keep a terminal window open and prefer to use it. More useful to me is listing all the files open in my editor. E.g., I have 34 files open in buffers right now; easier to switch buffers from the list than using a mouse on tiny tabs (which Emacs doesn't have anyway).

    Back in the day, when I coded compiled languages, C/C++ and Pascal, I would have loved to be able to easily find variables. My fault; emacs has long had ebrowse mode which builds a file tree of header and include files, variables. etc.. After all, emacs was developed by and for serious coders. I just didn't know about it. :( You can also compile/make, then debug following variable value changes from within the editor.

    kk5st, Sep 11, 2015 IP
  3. Leilani Sniffen

    Leilani Sniffen Greenhorn

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    Notepad ++.
    Leilani Sniffen, Sep 12, 2015 IP
  4. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Plow the editor, isn't that what an OS is for?!?

    I find the mouse easier as I can scan and select WAY faster using it -- admittedly I don't actually use a mouse, I use a thumb trackball like the Logitech Marble+ or M570. NEVER understood the complaint you'll hear from some people about the extra "time" of switching between keyboard and mouse.

    My "tabs" also aren't tiny... OSuX you have the dock "stacks" which are ok, in classic Winblows you just make your taskbar be portrait mode on the secondary display, or for laptops on 7/newer you just move it over into portrait and use how they replicated "stacks" behavior -- even more useful if you use 7 task tweaker.

    Look to the far, far, FAR right of this screencap: (1920x1200 left, 2560x1440 center, 1920x1200 right for a massive 6400x1440 pic)

    Or the laptop I'm on right now... (1920x1080)

    ... and you'll see why I don't have a problem with "tiny tabs". This is *** the OS should be handling for you.

    Admittedly, when I'm stuck on linsux I can't find a WM that's worth a flying ****, much less a decent file explorer. Thunar seems the best of the lot when it comes to file management, and like the rest of the *nix world it still feels pathetically crippled compared to what Windows 3.0 offered 25 years ago!. I'm constantly surprised at how pretty much every *nix window manager sitting atop X11 does a great job of LOOKING modern, but is lacking in basic functionality every other blasted OS has had for over two decades. Though what can one expect from an OS that just a few years ago people started bragging about being able to run TWO monitors; say hello to the bleeding edge of Windows 9x!

    That's where the Borland languages were nice, since they had a per line debugger and a cross-reference utility. (the part that sucked was they used wordstar keyboard commands).

    Funny I thought it was created by effite elitist back-room jacktards who were left BEHIND by the actual microcomputer revolution of the 1980's and early '90's, and if not for Linus Torvalds they and their backwards 1960's thinking and methodologies would have gone the way of the dodo.

    But again, I was programming for over a decade before I ever even had to deal with a *nix derivative, and when I did my reaction was "what is this ****? Didn't this type of crap go extinct 20 years ago?"

    There's a reason most of the 'tools' that come from a *nix origin feel more primitive to me than entering data one bit at a time on toggle switches. *** sake scripsit was a better editor than anything I've ever used on *nix. I'd sooner use edlin than vi/vim, I'd sooner use the "word processor" built into the ROM of a Commodore "minus-60" than emacs... (Which BTW the C= plus4's rom software is universally agreed to be one of the WORST business suites ever released).

    I see a lot of this stuff and go "why are you making everything so much harder on purpose?"
    deathshadow, Sep 13, 2015 IP