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Which platform/framework for an advanced listing/directory website

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Bepixel, Jan 3, 2020.

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    I’d like to launch a Listing/Directory platform to target a special type of Users/Clients.

    Some functionalities are pretty standard and already available in many wordpress themes:
    • Advanced user dashboard (to edit their profile, edit their listings and view statistics)
    • Advanced listing options with different functionalities (free, trial period, silver, gold, etc.)
    • Advanced search and filtering options among the listing items (with and without map)
    • Integration of a smooth payment system (e.g. stripe)
    • Multi-languages
    Although some functionalities will be more unique to my project:
    • creation of a sub-domain per user (wildcard sub-domain) rather than sub directories/folders (or let the user use his own domain name for an extra fee)
    • WYSIWYG interface for users to edit their listings (ie. Visual mode editing)
    • Very smooth interface and transitions (Ajax?)
    Which platform/framework would you use for that type of project?
    Many thanks
    Bepixel, Jan 3, 2020 IP
  2. NetStar

    NetStar Notable Member

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    You over use the word "advanced". From what I have gathered you just need a listing/directory web site. Most of the programming logic is just interacting with a database and simple validation. You can use any language to accomplish this from PHP, Python, Node, Go, Ruby, Perl, ASP etc. Personally I would just use PHP. Look for scripts already built that you can alter. That may be quicker than writing from scratch.
    NetStar, Jan 4, 2020 IP
  3. Bepixel

    Bepixel Peon

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    Thank you for you answer!
    Bepixel, Jan 5, 2020 IP