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Which is your most successful SEO strategy?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Naksh, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. seoauthority

    seoauthority Member

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    In 2018, methods such as guest posting will become increasingly more important. Google's search algorithms are extremely wise to contextual and natural link building, the best methods involve getting high authority, and quality backlinks from high quality sources. Emailing editors and blog owners and offering them articles for free, is an important method.
    Another method i've been employing (and many SEO's have developed strategies for) is link baiting - which involves creating viral content and publishing it on your site. The hope is that this content will be shared across social media and picked up by high authority websites, including BBC and CNN, earning very lucrative backlinks.
    seoauthority, May 15, 2018 IP
  2. K Prakash

    K Prakash Member

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    Nice tips
    K Prakash, Jun 8, 2018 IP
  3. Jim4767

    Jim4767 Prominent Member

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    Remember, you are competing with hundreds (perhaps thousands or millions) of other websites for the same keywords. Only ten of those web pages will end up on Google's first page of results. Is your page SEO'd better than all but a few of those competitors? That's the only way you'll get on page one.
    Jim4767, Jun 9, 2018 IP
  4. RobertMV

    RobertMV Member Premium Member

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    You should do on page SEO before doing off page. Concentrate in making quality links. Prefer sites with high DA and one which gives do follow links cause they are very beneficial
    Try submitting good quality content in your site, do guest posting, infographic submission, video submission, article commenting, etc..

    On Page SEO includes:
    1. Page title
    2. Meta description
    3. Meta tag
    4. URL format
    5. Keyword density
    6. Image SEO
    7. Interlinking
    8. Heading tags
    9. External links
    10. Quality Content

    2. Off Page Seo technique
    Off-page SEO helps make your website well known on Google search engine page which gains huge traffic to your website & increase its visibility.
    1) Social blogging
    2) Blog commenting
    3) Directory submission
    4) Guest blogging
    5) Article submission
    6) Social bookmarking
    7) Backlinking
    8) Interlinking
    9) Use Alt tags & Meta tags
    10 Classified Submission
    11) Infographic Submission
    RobertMV, Jun 13, 2018 IP