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Which CPM Ad Network to use? (Single Page Application)

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by DMEGroup, Sep 4, 2014.

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    We have an application that schools (K12) and home users in the United States and Canada use on a daily basis. Since we wanted to eliminate page reloads as much as possible, we decided to make our web application heavily focused on JavaScript using frameworks like AngularJS. The end-user can end us sitting on the same URL for hours, even though it's refreshing content. Our goal is to refresh an Ad at the most opportune time to maximize it's effectiveness. We want to have 3 banner Ads and possibly a video Ad occasionally.

    Which Ad Networks pays the highest CPM for these demographics?
    • 99% North America users
    • Ages 80% are 8-18, and 20% are 18-22.
    • We have roughly 1-2M refreshes we can work with each day.
    • User Interests: Games, Entertainment, Apparel, Electronics, Music
    Since it is our first time looking into making this a free application for certain users, we want to know how we can maximize revenue with the end users we have? Unfortunately I do believe our biggest hurdle will be that sometimes ~100 users may be from the same IP, and Ad networks will look at that as the same user.

    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!
    DMEGroup, Sep 4, 2014 IP