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Which Amazon?

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by THT, Jul 21, 2004.

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    Im based in the UK, but developing a site for the world. Ie not based in any particluar country.

    So which amazon affiliate would u use?
    Use .com as thats likely to be the highest proportion of users being in the US?
    and am i just biased towards the UK cos im based in the Uk?

    THT, Jul 21, 2004 IP
  2. Owlcroft

    Owlcroft Peon

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    There is no reason not to develop for all Amazon divisions. The non-English-language ones have (at least for books) English-language sections.

    But at the least develop for US and UK (and, whenever it finally comes on line with AWS, Canada). On the assumption that you will be using AWS, the techniques are virtually parallel, and it's not hard to keep inventory either separated or parallel, as you prefer.

    (If you do go multi-national, you might be interested in the "currency-rates" web-page dropin available free on my site, as in the sig below.)
    Owlcroft, Jul 21, 2004 IP