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Where to sell my Amazon niche sites earning $3,000+ per month?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by EpicAffiliateGuy, Nov 19, 2017.

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    Hi guys,
    So basically I have 4 Amazon affiliate niche sites all earning me over $3,000+ per month ($15k+ per month altogether) and now I want to sell them for a lump sum. I know I can sell each site for 20x the amount I make per month. I'm hoping to get $60k per website so $240,000 for all 4 websites.

    Do you know of any website or real website broker I can visit to do this for me? I know of Flippa but they have a lot of bad reviews so I'm edging away from that one. I know EmpireFlippers could be a good one but I want to measure out a few websites/businesses to see which ones take the least out of the sale cut.
    EpicAffiliateGuy, Nov 19, 2017 IP
  2. dscurlock

    dscurlock Prominent Member

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    Selling them as a group for $240k is going to be out of the question for the avg joe, and selling them on a single
    level maybe out of their range also, so you would be looking for someone that has somewhat high income bracket
    that could even afford just one, or all of them as a group; it may be harder to sell them off as a group.

    Your best chances to sell them off is to do some research, and find a high end broker that has
    experience in selling such sites as they would be able to contact their high end clients that may
    have purchased such sites in the past, and most likely would be much safe for all parties involved.....

    It does not really matter if you want to sell them 20x more then they are worth, as this really
    depends on what the market can bare, not what you would like to sell them for. Would you buy
    a website, and know you have to wait nearly 2 years to make your money back?
    (risky investment if you ask me....)

    It may or may not be extremely difficult to get rid of them....
    obviously, the more you want, the more harder it will be to get them sold....

    IMO, I would not use flippa for obvious reasons, nor are they the type of
    broker that you would be looking for; in my own opinion, flippa is the
    bottom feeder of domain and website sales. You require a broker that
    deals with high end site sales that can get this done for you....
    dscurlock, Nov 19, 2017 IP
  3. usasportstraining

    usasportstraining Notable Member

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    Sell it on GoDaddy Auctions for each site. That way you'll reach the most people. You might even get a bidding war going. Share it on NamePros and similar types of sites. Do you have proof that you're earning that much? Because people will ask you for it, especially for the price you're asking.
    usasportstraining, Nov 19, 2017 IP
  4. EpicAffiliateGuy

    EpicAffiliateGuy Active Member

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    Yeah I have proof of earnings from each site using Amazons tag feature. All sites are earning. I'll give GoDaddy Auctions a go.

    Also, for those asking me on PM about how I made the Amazon niche sites profitable, let me know if I should write a case study here where I show what I used in order to build these sites.
    EpicAffiliateGuy, Nov 19, 2017 IP
  5. egoldzone

    egoldzone Well-Known Member

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    Try on flippa may be will get best offers
    egoldzone, Nov 20, 2017 IP
  6. NetStar

    NetStar Notable Member

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    If you have a web site generating $3k per month organically with proven stable history I will pay 18x revenue.

    Update: If your average monthly revenue for the last 3 years is $15k for all 4 web sites. I will pay $240k. But I want organic and stability. I would think that's a good buy if there's history and stability. Unfortunately, most of the time there isn't.

    I'm having a VERY hard time imagining someone selling their $180k annual income for just $240k. It doesn't add up. Perhaps the revenue isn't net and the source of traffic isn't organic. What do these sites net?
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
    NetStar, Nov 20, 2017 IP