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Where to get ideas for content marketing?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by fharaday, Jun 24, 2019.

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    Hey friends!!! :cool:how are you?

    well this is part of a thread that I answered on Reddit, but many people told me that it had helped them a lot when it came to content marketing.

    Well, I have great experience in the digital world and have worked for several years developing content for various companies, here are some tips on how to get ideas to improve your content marketing, all based on the years of experience I have. I hope you find it useful, if you like the content, you can tell me to add some more tips that you can leave up my sleeve. hehe :p:D

    I'll give you some tips so that you can start correctly with your page generating good quality content.

    1. The content of good quality. If you are going to take this seriously you should have always found good quality content posted for your future users.
    And not only good quality, but solve a problem or give valuable information, let me explain, users, click on publications that they find interesting, call their attention, believe that they will learn something new or will solve a problem.

    This is what you have to do, see what are the concerns of your readers capture that information in a good text.

    Always keep in mind from your perspective, if it hurts my back that I would look for?

    • massage for back pain.
    • how to do a message.
    • Massage for sprains.
    • massage for injuries.

    2. See other blogs (do not copy) the first option to take into account, see the content of your competitors.

    And how do you do this? Well, your search for your keyword in google: "massages" and you see the options that appear to you from there, you get ideas for your own content.

    From this same process, you can see in the comments of the post the people's questions, which often remain unanswered. And you make content based on them

    CLARIFICATION: I am not saying that you copy of the blog, because it is something quite low and very unpleasant.

    What I'm saying is that you use them as inspiration to make your own. You can use several blogs that talk about the same subject to compare information and have several sources, and thus, make much better and more informative content than your competitors.

    3. Investigate in forums or question sites (Quora, Reddit ..)

    An excellent option, this option is one of the most used recently. Join forums, questions sites, Facebook and Instagram of your niche (the message) and see what content, questions ... is having more likes, interaction answers ....

    And based on those comments most voted, with more interactions, you get the title for your next blog.

    Pro tip: And besides being a good source to search for content, it is also an excellent resource to generate traffic to your site. Answering those same questions and adding the link to an article where you give important information about the question.

    Considering that it has to be a good well-argued answer and that you answer the question in a good way, you will not want to create spam

    4. Search in courses. This is a very little known technique but very effective.

    Search the courses referring to your subject in udemy, teachrl, coursea ... and the topics of the modules, classes ... take out your next content, looking for that information on the internet.

    To do this just go to the course content section and display the menu, in the topics or modulso that will be addressed, take as a reference the titles of the modules and start looking for the information on the internet, or if you have started to translate it in a document.

    Another idea, which comes from this same line, is to look in the section of questions and comments, there the users who made the course will leave their questions, you can take them answer them and put it in your article, video ...

    You have the internet most of the time that content of that $ 15 -20 $ course is on the web or in a book, that most of you can have limited access with the google book viewer.

    This one has a little more work since you are going to have to investigate a little more .. But if the subject you are passionate about. I assure you that you will have great content, unique, it could already be on the web, but not well organized.

    And of course there are many more ways to generate good content, but they are a little more laborious, they are already very used and you have to have certain knowledge, (buzzsumo, ahref, google trends ..)


    I hope this help friends.
    Have a nice day :cool::cool:

    If you have any questions about it, you can ask me.

    fharaday, Jun 24, 2019 IP
  2. Barb Davids

    Barb Davids Greenhorn

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    I like the idea of searching Quora and Reddit. And checking other blogs. Even if it's not your exact industry but maybe someone you want to work with.

    I work with a copywriter to edit my articles before publishing. She has an article that piggy backs on your suggestions.

    Thanks for sharing the ideas!

    Barb Davids, Jun 28, 2019 IP