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Where to add MX record / DNS system, parent and slave zones?

Discussion in 'Site & Server Administration' started by postcd, Mar 19, 2018.

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    i am sending an e-mail out of my server via PHP mail function and the mail filtering system used by my server provider (externally, out of my reach) is complaining about sender address being

    Exim fail log: "You do not have sufficient privileges to send mail to this address. Please authenticate and try again."

    I do not know what is the exact reason that it do not like that sender address. Filtering provider told me the FROM address is the issue.

    (the hostname.domain.tld is FQDN, has PTR record, fully resolve to IP and vice versa)

    When i check that e-mail address at http://proxy2.de/email-validation.php it says "The domain hostname.domain.tld has no MX record."
    But i do not know where i need to create MX record. I already have it on Cloudflare (parent) and also on slave: my server. The domain.tld is hosted on different server than one from which i am sending e-mail, but hostname.domain.tld A record point to right IP (one from which e-mail is sent).

    level 1 - domain (namesilo)
    level 2 - cloudflare DNS zone
    - hostname.domain.tld goes to IP
    - domain.tld A record goes to
    - mail.domain.tld is

    Should i be creating MX at cloudflare, at or at ?

    e-mail is sent from
    Server is Dovecot

    Do you have any idea if i can anyhow tweak my DNS configuration so the filtering system managed by my provider is satisfied?
    postcd, Mar 19, 2018 IP
  2. postcd

    postcd Well-Known Member

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    I ended up adding MX record on parent zone (cloudflare) and i think this caused MX record be found and used.

    Also what solved email delivery issue was that in my control panel (WHM from cPanel) was enabled following option:
    that option was rejecting e-mails to system e-mail accounts like and the mentioned mail filtering system used by my server provider (*.antispamcloud.com) require that sender is allowed to accept incoming e-mail. So the solution was to disable hostname email rejecting making sure the sender mailbox can receive e-mail. And may also important is that server hostname has MX record set.
    postcd, Mar 19, 2018 IP
  3. RomanEpo

    RomanEpo Active Member

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    1.Add MX record reverse DNS zone,Authorized DNS server.
    2.Add DNS record same as Server Hostname in Mail server.
    3.Check domain and IP black list status.
    4.Tune spam score and SMTP setting.
    I think it can be ignore your mail bouncing.
    RomanEpo, Mar 30, 2018 IP
    postcd likes this.
  4. NixonB

    NixonB Peon

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    - Check MX and DNS records through - intodns.com
    - Add cloudflare for site
    - Update the DNS records
    - Check the IP - mxtoolbox.com/blacklist
    NixonB, Apr 24, 2018 IP
  5. Cameron Fillers

    Cameron Fillers Member

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    what what it sounds like, you have


    in cloudflare, but your web server was...


    As such, you have MX records for domain.com, but nothing for subdomain.domain.com. when your server was sending out e-mails from your server, it was doing so as subdomain.domain.com, which caused an issue, as there are no records for that full name.

    Have you looking into using SMTP to send out email? Might save you a lot of headache to connect your server/site up to something like mailgun, and have it send as mg.domain.com, and allow them to handle all that stuff for you. I suggest that, as it sounds like you may not have SPF or DKIM setup either, so you may run into the issue that you are then able to send email, but most providers block the email, as it is not marked as "trusted".

    Nevertheless, send a test email to a gmail account, and see if it goes into your folder, or spam. Regardless of the outcome, select the elipses, and click the option to "show original." From here, you will be able to look over the hops and see if the message is being rejected by any servers at all. if it is, then you will need to resolve that issue to ensure that your emails are able to hit most inboxes.
    Cameron Fillers, Jun 18, 2018 IP
  6. hostechsupport

    hostechsupport Well-Known Member

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    As you say (the hostname.domain.tld is FQDN, has PTR record, fully resolve to IP and vice versa) means your PTR and A record is updated. You have to configure MX records from your domain registrar for mail communication. You can check this all records from https://mxtoolbox.com/
    hostechsupport, Jul 11, 2018 IP