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when trust Advertising Programs ?

Discussion in 'Co-op Advertising Network' started by earngate, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Because we want a fruitful discussion
    we are taking the right steps to establish a network of reliable global
    advertising the advertiser or publisher anywhere in the world so do you think is important and we all need

    1 - For you as a publisher and want to profit from your own site

    - What is the best means of payment appropriate for you (Western Union - Moneybookers - Alertpay....)
    - What is the minimum price for cost per click ?
    - Do you prefer your ads appear not linked to your site or the content of your ads by
    - What type of ads that feel that they attract visitors (text - picture - flash - moving with the page - full page ad ...)
    - What sizes that fit your site and do not affect design (468 * 60 to 728 * 90 to 336 * 60 ....)
    - What is the minimum payout that you want ($ 50 - $ 100 - $ 150)

    2 -if you want to advertise your site

    - how trust Advertising Programs ?
    - What is the minimum price for cost per click?
    - What sizes that suit you (468 * 60 to 728 * 90 to 336 * 60 ....)
    - The best means of payment (Western Union - wire transfer - Moneybookers ....)
    - Are you interested in geo-targeting feature that enables you to show your ads in a particular country
    - What is the minimum to start an advertising campaign ($ 50 - $ 100 ....)

    Leave your opinion as well as advertiser or publisher and if you have any other suggestions developed here in order to benefit from your insights

    Thank you for your attention...
    earngate, Dec 28, 2009 IP
  2. footballforum

    footballforum Peon

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    very helpful mate thanks :)
    footballforum, Dec 29, 2009 IP
  3. plrdownloads.info

    plrdownloads.info Active Member

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    Also to remember to research how many advertisers and publishers has this ad network. There is no sense if you promote your site somewhere when there is no1 for ''sharing'' this ad.(client, publisher).

    and do research for keywords in their network.
    plrdownloads.info, Feb 1, 2010 IP