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When Onclick ..call function from external .js script - How?

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by chaser7016, Nov 29, 2008.

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    I want to take all the javascript code in my html file and put it into external .js file. Currently the javascript code is inside the html and when a button is pushed(onclick) it works.
    When I copy and paste the javascript and put into a test.js file to call it within the head of the html like this <script src='test.js' type='text/javascript' /></script> and then hit button ( <input type="button" onclick="setAlarm()" value="Set Alarm" /> ) FireBug says setAlarm is not defined.

    Within the test.js is function setAlarm() . Again I just copy/pasted this exact function from the html where it was working before but the button code was <input type="button" value="Set Alarm" onclick="javascript: setAlarm();" />. So works within html but when called from test.js it is not.

    Any idea why this is and what I might be missing?

    chaser7016, Nov 29, 2008 IP
  2. misbah

    misbah Active Member

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    working for me..., when I try this script

    <script src='test.js' type='text/javascript' /></script>
    <input type="button" onclick="javascript: setAlarm();" value="10" />
    Code (markup):
    function setAlarm()
    Code (markup):
    please check again your file... (on same folder or not)
    misbah, Nov 30, 2008 IP