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When does a niche become ... not a niche ...

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by fistofpeanuts, Feb 14, 2007.

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    Hi ..

    I've been reading about what a good idea it is to make niche blogs ... I understand the concept but am just wondering about a few things though...

    I mean ... I find so many blogs wich have a certain theme ... for instance SEO, but they also have a whole load of categories wich are actually in the SEO field , but are rather 'far off' the actual niche ...

    So my question is ... when does a niche become a non-niche ?

    Another example .. lets say I have a blog about golfballs .. quite a specialistic field. Now I start adding categories for clubs ... and then for courses ... and then for grass... I mean, it all has to do with golf, wich is not even a niche anymore ...

    So, where is the line according to most experienced bloggers on this forum, and where should one stop 'expanding' in categories ?

    Grs, FOP
    fistofpeanuts, Feb 14, 2007 IP
  2. Anita

    Anita Peon

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    Golf would still be a niche, just not a very specific one. Some niche blogs have TONS of other categories, but typically focus on one topic. In your example, if 50%+ of your posts are on golf balls, the rest could be humor or tech or anything you wanted, and I'd still classify it as a niche.

    Anita :)
    Anita, Feb 14, 2007 IP
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  3. ServerUnion

    ServerUnion Peon

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    It really depends on how much you can say about the niche topic. The job is to find a niche small enough that you can take the lions share of the market, but not to small that you quickly run out of things to say.
    ServerUnion, Feb 14, 2007 IP
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