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What's your favorite host for ruby apps?

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by jmpf, Nov 23, 2009.

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    What hosts out there do you guys like the best for deploying ruby applications?

    I really can't stand to code in php as it is so ugly but all the best hosts out there use it cause everyone uses it for the web.

    In the past I have used hostingrails but they are still not quite the price range I want. We use EC2 at work. I really like the idea of heroku but what I really want is a host that could take <b>multiple</b> ruby apps at once for free to minimal cost and then if an app gets popular I can always get proper hosting (vps or dedicated) for it later on. Know of any?
    I know one of the main reasons this isn't done is that typically you need a good 30-60 meg of ram for each ruby app whereas stuff like php doesn't.
    jmpf, Nov 23, 2009 IP
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    If I want to upgrade my hosted JumpBox to a new version what should I do?
    Punto, Nov 24, 2009 IP