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Whats the best to conduct customer surverys

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by sam2698, Feb 25, 2022.

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    I'm looking to do some shadow testing before launching a new project and looking to know what the best way to do would be and what are the standards around this.

    I'm okay to per survey but looking for recommendations on what you guys might have used in the past.
    sam2698, Feb 25, 2022 IP
  2. mmerlinn

    mmerlinn Prominent Member

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    Stick your nose in their faces and ask them.
    mmerlinn, Feb 26, 2022 IP
  3. DigitalDhwani

    DigitalDhwani Greenhorn

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    Have used google forms
    Here is the steps i followed to conduct my survey-
    1. Made a questionnaire, listed all the questions i had a feedback on
    2. Sent it to my potential prospects and target audience
    3. Sat down and analysed responses in batches (50 responses at once)
    4. Studied the data and took action!
    5. Made the changes and launched the service, was a better hit then i had expected
    DigitalDhwani, Feb 26, 2022 IP
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  4. VortexAlpha

    VortexAlpha Member

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    The best way to do some kind of testing in this field and get prepared for launching some new project is to reach the audience directly and find a way for them to share their thoughts. A customer survey is really one of the good ways for doing it, and here you could maybe use Google forms to conduct a survey that would contain some of the most relevant questions about your project and where users through a few simple steps could let you know what they think. Just make sure to keep the form simple and without unnecessary questions as that could turn down the will of users to fill it and help you with your project.
    VortexAlpha, Mar 16, 2022 IP
  5. Paincrusher

    Paincrusher Greenhorn

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    I want to help you on this matter. Yeah, the survey will be the best and the most efficient option in case you want to launch a new project, because survey always helps developers to understand the necessity of the product on the market.

    1. You create a survey and then gather the results.
    2. You analyse all the data which you have gathered and make conclusions.
    3. According to the feedback you either launch the product as you wanted to do, ot you correct something that your target audience would want to change.

    So, guess that it will be the easiest way to understand the needs of TA.
    Paincrusher, Jun 29, 2022 IP