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What You Gonna Do If You Are In My Place

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by omarelhard, Feb 14, 2013.

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    i has create account with mozy and i wins 0.4 $ with evry one create account in my referal my question is how i can create same account with him beacause the nwe account they havnt this proprety that i can wins money with him

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2013
    omarelhard, Feb 14, 2013 IP
  2. Max Filev

    Max Filev Active Member

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    You can disclose your promotional methods in the special program area, but they you will need to reapply to all the advertisers. Honestly, I would do this if I would be you. Otherwise you might loose your account. The great thing about disclosing your special program and then emailing your advertisers to get them back is that CJ quality control will finally leave you alone for good!
    Max Filev, Apr 1, 2013 IP
  3. DukeAce

    DukeAce Member

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    @OP... You poor thing! This very same thing happened with me. I used to own an Internet CyberCafe and used to display these ads via the local server's website. Kindly note down that when you sign up for your Special Program (Incentive) at CJ, your account will remain suspicious in the eyes of CJ Staff and they will keep prompting you with inquiries after every couple of months. Need I remind you, this is just the first HOLD of your payments they have made, if you stick to the Incentive Program, you are not only risking your future earnings, you are opening a gate for them to stop-by every 2 consecutive months and knock your e-mail asking you "Your promotional methods" over and over again. Which will then become something like this: You are questioned after every 2 or 3 months, and your payments are being HELD until you give them a response, by the time you respond to their query, like in a day or two; the time for payment will be gone and those payments will be rolled-over to next month.

    So if these payments are the ONLY source of earning for you, keep it in mind, they will get delayed due to lots of questioning by CJ every once in a while. I would suggest you to change your promotional method, advertise your website on either Facebook or AdWords, tell CJ that you are changing the Overall system of your promotional methods and you don't want to opt-in for the Special Program. Then request them to review your traffic for another couple of months before taking some action against you.
    DukeAce, Apr 24, 2013 IP