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What you do to gain energy after work ?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Spartan14, Jul 3, 2019.

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    Well when i finish my job i come home at 6.30 pm and i want to continue to work on my affiliate marketing dream .The thing its i am too tired sometimes ,i try coffee ,energy dring ,sometimes work but majority of times dont work as i am tired and i put to sleep
    Do you have any secret that gives tou energy after work like eating or drinking something or some ritual ?
    Spartan14, Jul 3, 2019 IP
  2. Spoiltdiva

    Spoiltdiva Prominent Member

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    For me it's simply good old fashioned will power and a sense of discipline. I have a fear of failure that drives me to work and finish whatever I need to do. Even if I am dead on my feet I will get the job done. Nothing can stop me, even my tired and worn out body.

    Exercising, eating right and trying to maintain a positive attitude also helps me and propels me forward. I do not have a reverse gear.
    Spoiltdiva, Jul 3, 2019 IP
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  3. dcristo

    dcristo Illustrious Member

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    Getting ahead in life is all about making sacrifices. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

    I drink ALOT of coffee. I can literally have a strong short black and go to sleep within 20 minutes when it's the end of the work day.
    dcristo, Jul 3, 2019 IP
  4. newbie191

    newbie191 Notable Member

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    This one sentence is more than enough and it has all the motivation I need. >> I have to pay the bills.
    newbie191, Jul 3, 2019 IP
  5. digitalbrunette

    digitalbrunette Greenhorn

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    I think this goes beyond just simple tweaks in your lifestyle and diet. If you need more energy you need to have a holistic approach… to sum it up:

    Mind right + body right = money right

    Here’s what I suggest to people who need to more energy:

    1) Be Grateful. If you study 7 figure earners each of and every one of them says they get energy from being grateful to the universe.

    Be grateful for every detail about your life because it either defines you or it is helping define you. I am even grateful for challenges because they help better my personality and they are opportunities for me to toughen up.

    This week I had 2 opportunities to exercise confrontation and I took them, something I really struggle with because I am afraid of hurting people’s feelings. I decided that’s not important anymore if things need to be said.

    2) Eat clean. The way we eat will affect how productive we will be the rest of the day. Do not consume white sugar, wheat and animal products whenever possible. We perform to the max on a whole food plant based diet. This diet changed the way I look, Iost unwanted weight naturally and kept it off, and I perform like a pro everyday off natural fruit sugars and plant protein which I get from grains and legumes. This is the best thing I could have done to my health and performance in 2018!

    3) Simplicity. There's just one key thing to focus on if you want to make big profits… Simplicity! Simplify everything. This is crucial to your success if you're a one man(or woman) operation just trying to get your business off the ground. If you're anything like me when I started and you complicate things you will end up procrastinating to the point you never get anything done and you won't make any money. Simplicity reduces overwhelm. No overwhelm preserves energy.

    4) Wake up the same time everyday and go to sleep the same time everyday. Something I learned from a 7 figure earner and it changed my life completely! I go to bed by 10.30pm these days and I am up by 7.30am and the emotional balance I feel especially in the morning is amazing.

    Because I start so early I get so much done including my gym workout by like 11.00am and I feel so accomplished and on track for the rest of the day.

    I’m also in a very good mood and it makes me excited for whatever I need to accomplish the rest of the day … ENERGY!

    5) Remember your VISION! Why did you get into this business? Did you get into it to change your lifestyle? Your family’s lifestyle? How detailed is your vision? Are you wanting to pay your kids college? Take your spouse on an awesome vacation you both dreamed about?

    At least this is what works for me :) Hope it helps!
    digitalbrunette, Aug 24, 2019 IP