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What would be the best way to accomplish this web animation I want to make?

Discussion in 'Graphics & Multimedia' started by Soliloquy, Sep 21, 2017.

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    Over on the site flyingwhiledisabled.com, I have an image of an airplane with a wheelchair being kicked out of it. I've added the clouds to the background using a Jquery library called Spritely, but having moving clouds with a static image to show a wheelchair that should be falling looks weird. I'd like the airplane to also have some movement as shown in the Spritely demo, but if I just make the entire image with the wheelchair move around that will look weird as well. I considered making a large animated GIF that would have the cargo hatch on the airplane closed initially, then open, then have the wheelchair get kicked out, reach a peak, and then drop straight down, but the file size to that would be huge. It would save room if I could just have the airplane image with a simple animation of a cargo hatch open and another frame, and move it around on the page with Spritely, and then have the separate wheelchair image initially start out small and then get larger as it follows a path, then drop straight down and disappear. Not sure how I could get the cargo hatch animation to play at the correct time though. Any ideas how this can be done without horrendous file sizes?
    Soliloquy, Sep 21, 2017 IP
  2. jaguar34

    jaguar34 Well-Known Member

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    Heard of this type of animation concept for first time. This forum is related to Digital Marketing and Server support scripts like WHM/cPanel. Better discuss on Animation forum searching on Google.
    jaguar34, Apr 22, 2018 IP