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What should I learn? PHP or ASP.NET? Please help!

Discussion in 'PHP' started by miksy123, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Dyscrete

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    Actaviosan has a 30k user botnet which he used to index about 1.5 billion pages of internet and run a 10 megabyte mathematic formula which he got from Albert Einstein's autistic step-brother back in 1922. (through an elite time-traveling mechanism of course)

    Later that day, he found a site called Google. Quickly, Actaviosan pressed the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button and found his result here.

    Though statistics showed only around 35% of websites use PHP, his love for PHP made him post otherwise giving the result of 95% (60% love)
    Dyscrete, Nov 21, 2010 IP