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What Should i change in Website Design??

Discussion in 'Design' started by sbsl, Oct 9, 2017.

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    What Should i change in Website Design to make it user friendly.
    sbsl, Oct 9, 2017 IP
  2. SoftLink

    SoftLink Greenhorn

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    I'm guessing you're using WordPress? I'm not sure what your objectives are.
    I saw a message box and then 2 badly positioned messages (I think) in the background.
    I'd get rid of that message box first. If you need 'chat' then I'd add a chat plugin.

    I minimized the message box and the page came up.
    It's too wide. Users will not want to scroll horizontally.
    An ad came up, pushed to the right about 100px. That might be why the page is too wide.
    The girl with the headset phone doesn't appear to have a purpose for being there. No phone number, no invitation . . . .

    The design could use some help.
    SoftLink, Oct 9, 2017 IP
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  3. Avkash Agrawal

    Avkash Agrawal Greenhorn

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    I visited your website. It is good . But as user point of view your website is boring .You should add some sliders , videos and HD images that could help visitor engagement time and traffic as well.
    Avkash Agrawal, Oct 15, 2017 IP