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What should be discussed with the client before creating a website for them?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by mqs1000, May 8, 2013.

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    I may want to start my own company making websites for individuals and businesses in the near future. I'm trying to familiarize myself with the steps to take when dealing with a client who wants a website, particularly the beginning conversation and series of questions. For example: let's say I own a company and a client calls up and says "Hi I need a website made for my business." What's next?

    So far I've got asking questions about their:

    -What they want the purpose of their website to be
    -Target audience
    -If they need a store implemented in their site
    -If they have a logo
    -If they have any pictures / graphics to add
    -If they will provide the writing

    Are these all good questions? Please tell me what other questions I'm missing.
    My next question is after I've gotten the main information I need, what is the next step? Should I make multiple designs/themes and have them pick their favorite or should I just stick with one?
    mqs1000, May 8, 2013 IP
  2. Alan Smith

    Alan Smith Active Member

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    When dealing with a client, first you need to ask him about his budget for the website creation. His business background, what type of business he has and what are his products and services besides all other important things related to his business. Also ask about his requirements for the website and which type of website he wants, like e-commerce, product base, etc., And when he wants his website to be ready. Many clients provide their logos and themes for their websites so you need to use it for website creation which becomes easy to work on. When you pick a design as per your thoughts, it may be possible that your client won’t like it and will refuse it so it takes time for selection of themes and design.

    Different projects have different requirements so you can stick to one theme. You need to change and select according to the project requirements.
    Alan Smith, May 9, 2013 IP
  3. Krisism

    Krisism Member

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    Hi mqs,

    I like your list, that is a great starting point and all questions to ask.

    In my opinion, a website should always be created for a reason. I like to dig into the root of what that reason is. Do they need to increase sales directly or indirectly? Do they need more followers and brand awareness? Do they just need a more established presence among their market and competitors? Get the 'why' and understand it.

    Then you can craft or customize a site to best meet those needs, and answer a lot of minor detail questions for yourself. If it is centered around 'contact my sales team' then you can make sure there is a contact element constantly available or highly visible in the design. That's when you start getting into developing for results, and your client will always appreciate results ;)


    Krisism, May 9, 2013 IP