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What report values can change for a given day, days later??

Discussion in 'Bing Ads' started by ChrisAllan, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Looking at a report we pulled via the AdCenter API over a month ago, I see that some of the values now presented in the AdCenter interface (web site) for that given day are different (the report for the 9th September was downloaded on 10th September).

    For example, for campaign x the Spend was originally 0.00, now adcenter shows 0.30.
    Clicks was originally 0, now adcenter shows 2
    Impressions was originally 3, now adcenter shows 4
    AvPosition was 2.67, now adcenter shows 2.25

    So, should I expect that some of these values can change days later retrospectively? If so, what values can change, and up to how many days later?
    All help is much appreciated!

    ChrisAllan, Oct 8, 2010 IP
  2. Lucid Web Marketing

    Lucid Web Marketing Well-Known Member

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    What you have to realize is that, like Google Adwords, data is not real time. In fact, there can sometimes be delays of quite a few hours and up to a day (Adwords says 3 hours but can sometimes be much longer and I figure the same for Adcenter).

    For that reason, it really is pointless to look at a current day's data. And to be on safe side and give the system time to gather all data, best to download data a full day after the date. That is, today is October 11. Don't download until October 13, at very least very late (say late afternoon or evening) on October 12.

    Note that conversion data could still change as it is recorded on the date of the click, not the purchase, up to 30 days. So I could click your ad October 11 and not make a purchase until November 10. That purchase will be recorded for the click in October.
    Lucid Web Marketing, Oct 11, 2010 IP