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What makes affiliates happy?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Zorka.Network, Mar 15, 2018.

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    Guys, on the eve of International Day of Happiness we want to launch a small survey. Answer one tiny question, please!
    What are the main points that can make you happy? They shouldn't necessarily be related to affiliate marketing. Just want to know you more!
    Zorka.Network, Mar 15, 2018 IP
  2. LiamSmith

    LiamSmith Peon

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    AS for me. If my team will healthy and ok. I would be the happies man
    LiamSmith, Mar 22, 2018 IP
  3. bxqzblog

    bxqzblog Greenhorn

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    Checking my stats obsessively... oh wait, I thought you asked what ruins my sanity :)
    bxqzblog, Mar 22, 2018 IP
  4. Jaime A. Heidel

    Jaime A. Heidel Greenhorn

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    Having very clear and concise information, banners, marketing tools, and an ability to easily communicate with the company whose products I'm representing.
    Jaime A. Heidel, Mar 22, 2018 IP
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  5. leonard_hartmann

    leonard_hartmann Peon

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    I'm happy when my friends are around, when the house is quiet and cozy, when everything is good at work, when my close people are healthy and happy
    leonard_hartmann, Mar 26, 2018 IP
  6. Zorka.Network

    Zorka.Network Member

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    Hi, guys! Thank you all for your opinions. We've collected the responses from different forums and made an article.

    What makes affiliates happy?​

    In March 2012 at one of the UN sessions a new holiday was introduced — International Day of Happiness which is supposed to remind us that the intention to be happy unites all people on the planet.

    We launched a survey among affiliates to coincide with this holiday. We wanted to know what simple and fragile happiness of a typical affiliate consists of. To make the results engaging the respondents were from different parts of the world.

    Well, what is affiliates’ happiness?

    English-speaking colleagues:

    • Helping people out to become profitable.
    • Finding that one killer image which smashes all campaigns.
    • Publisher managers who listen and help to find good offers.
    • Good/Fast support, quality offers, high payouts, reliable payments.
    • Music and series like “Seinfeld”, “Scrubs”, “HIMYM”, “Workaholics”, “Friends”, “King of Queens”, “Malcolm in the middle”.
    • No cheap women around.
    • Clicking refresh button.
    • Profitable campaigns.
    • If my team will healthy and ok.
    • Having very clear and concise information, banners, marketing tools.
    • When my friends are around, when the house is quiet and cozy, when everything is good at work, when my close people are healthy and happy.
    • My family, my wife, my dogs, my car.
    • Coming up with something that works straight away.
    • Bitcoin going up.
    • Service to others, helping to improve the lives of people I care about.
    • Meeting people that are genuine and sincere, that won't hesitate to help out others.
    • Bouncing ideas around with professionals.
    • Working with a team that is knowledgeable and skilled and respects everyone else's abilities and opinions.
    • Testing out something new - whether it’s a new type of offer or a new traffic source or a new angle or new campaign settings — and seeing good results.
    • Pleasant surprises and "coincidences" such as coming across certain useful and relevant information just as I'm needing it.
    • Being able to work from anywhere in the world I want.
    • Having in my life people that love me, that I can love back.
    • Living in a country where the crime rate is low, with a roof over my head and food in my stomach.
    • High ROI, unlimited CAP, scalability, unique Landers/Ad Copy that hasn't been pounded into dirt.
    • Money, money, money: making money 24/7, the money rolling in the bank, passive income every day.
    • Solving someone's genuine problem.
    • Spreading brand's awareness.
    • People appreciating my work.
    • Balancing my work-life.
    • Having a campaign that's so profitable you can literally test anything you want and you're always in the green.

    The opinions are very diverse, aren’t they? Let’s see what Russian speaking affiliates think of happiness:

    • Stable and high payouts without delays.
    • Good quality of traffic.
    • Fast Webmoney transfer.
    • Pretty affiliate managers (like in Zorka.Network — editor’s note)
    • Money.
    • Being healthy and the health of your close people.
    • Adventures.
    • When you create something new and useful.
    • When you manage to do something new.
    • Successful tests of new angles.
    • Travelling, family, work, nature, music.
    • Doing the job you enjoy and that brings you satisfaction.
    • Good offers.
    • Supportive and sane affiliate managers.

    As you might have noticed the criteria of happiness of affiliates from different countries are very similar. All of them want to be healthy, travel, spend time with their families and MONEY (repeated many times). All affiliates are happy when they manage to try something new and get profit. The most touching part is the intention to help others improve and sharing the experience with each other. At that moment of the article all team of Zorka.Network shed tears cause mutual help and a good attitude to all people whether they are newbies or professionals are the basis of human being.

    Be happy and choose the affiliate network after your heart.
    Zorka.Network, Mar 29, 2018 IP
  7. expels

    expels Member

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    I would say adequate affiliate support. I want it to be easy to communicate with networks and vendors.
    expels, Apr 27, 2018 IP