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What luck it's meaning...

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by redhits, Oct 7, 2005.

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    October 06,2005 09:19pm PST.

    Hello Members,

    We have some exciting news! Google has expressed an interest in the domain name, "googlepex.com". After brief negotiations this afternoon, we at Googlepex have agreed to transfer ownership of the domain name, "Googlepex.com", to Google.

    This will in no way interrupt our service, or interfere with our systems. Our new domain name will be InterActiveTrafficExchange.com. You will see changes in our site effective this evening.

    When we have made the official domain change, all members will receive an email from us. Once again, nothing will change but our domain name. Our service and systems will not change. We do not foresee any loss of service occurring during this transition.

    Your accounts will remain unaffected. Google would like the Domain Name, Googlepex.com and we have happily negotiated the transfer of the name Googlepex.com. It may take a day or 2 to make the domain name transfer complete.

    We are working hard to bring online our new network of,"Interactive Web Site Traffic Exchanges", and we think you are going to be quite pleased with the extra traffic!

    This domain name transfer has made it possible to purchase new servers, which will increase the speed and stability of some of our new exchanges and the overall speed of our new network.

    We have already changed our referral banners to reflect our new domain name. If you presently have a Googlepex banner on your site, you can see our new banner. We will be changing the main page header with our new InterActiveTrafficExchange header very soon. Don't be alarmed, you will still be able to log in. Nothing has changed but our name.

    Thank you for making Googlepex a desirable name, and in helping us maintain a highly effective interactive traffic exchange. Googlepex's current traffic ranking is 70,214 and rising.

    We will start generating massive traffic to InteractiveTrafficExchange as soon as our domain transfer to Google is complete. Watch as InteractiveTrafficExchange.com climbs the ranks quickly!

    We look forward to a prolonged burst of new traffic from the news of the domain name transfer, which will translate in even more increases your web sites earnings even more!

    Thank you for your continued membership and your participation.
    Fred Fatore
    Constantly dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, interactive, web site traffic!

    Interactive Web Site Traffic is a registered trademark of A.I. LLC. © 2005
    redhits, Oct 7, 2005 IP
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    Why do I feel someone got paid....?
    MattEvers, Oct 7, 2005 IP