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What is the most preferable way to get High Ranking/PR ?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by albertpaulp, Jul 17, 2012.


Best way to build Links

Poll closed Aug 1, 2012.
  1. Comment on other do-follow,PR Blogs

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  2. Forum Signatures

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  3. Guest Blogging

  4. Buying Links

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  1. #1
    I know Content is King,I've a tech blog(Techdevian) which have more than 40 posts (i used to have write at least 1 post/day),There are also some guest bloggers in my blog.
    I try many ways to increase my ranking/Google PR such as
    • Writing good and fresh contents.
    • Commenting on more than 50+ PR2 blogs.
    • Submitting directories including DMOZ(But not listed yet)
    • My domain is about 1 year old,Is there any importance to age of domain in PR ??
    My alexa rank is 400,000 and i've more than 300 unique visitors/day.
    What should i do??I'm trying to find answers of these questions because i don't know the effects of Google Penguin update.
    1. Blog commenting on Do-Follow,High PR blogs do any good??
    2. Directory submission do any good??
    3. Your most preferred way to get a Google PR

    albertpaulp, Jul 17, 2012 IP
  2. gcswebs

    gcswebs Member

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    Hi there,

    Nice strategies but bit old, Okay just concentrate on your content, try to add synonyms in your article,
    blog commenting will be beneficial only if you do comment on relevant article and on the topic (does not matter dofollow or nofollow).
    Avoid BAD Directories, like pop-up , low PR, and spammy. it may harm your ranking in google, as penguin does not like it :)
    yes Doamin age is one of the major factor in SERP.
    To improve Alexa, Be Social..

    To get a good Google Page Rank, build dofollow quality backlinks, Participate in reciprocal link exchange.

    hope that helps:)

    Last do not put your signature everywhere in forums , it will leads you to SPAM.

    To know about my blog, Search "cricket gossip" on google and the 1st result is mine

    gcswebs, Jul 18, 2012 IP
  3. albertpaulp

    albertpaulp Active Member

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    Thank You very much,I see your site ("cricket-cup.blogspot.com") cool dude..
    albertpaulp, Jul 18, 2012 IP
  4. NikhilDigitalSocialSEO

    NikhilDigitalSocialSEO Peon

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    I agree with that. You should concentrate on your content - keeping it fresh and updating it regularly is important.

    Also try and guest blog I know you mentioned having some guest bloggers on your site. How about guest blogging on other Tech blogs? I'm sure they would be happy to have you write a couple of posts for them (keep them new). This is a great way of building good quality links.

    Another method I would suggest that you picked up on in your post was, to comment on blogs. Writing genuine comments on blogs can be beneficial and showing you have an interest in someone else's work is always good. One thing to be wary about don't post links to your website in the comments, if it's relevant you could say something like " Have a look a my blog http://www...." but be careful. Many bloggers do not like people to spam their posts with links. Commenting on blogs is also a great way to initiate some of that guest blogging.

    Directory submission is a tricky one. If you submit to directories that are full of spammy links then it's no good. It can also be hard to find a correct place to submit your link so I would advise to stay away from that. It may build traffic but, it can damage your blog and all of your hard work so I wouldn't recommend it.

    Make use of social platforms like Facebook or Twitter to promote your blog too that's always a good way to engage with users and build up some interest.

    I hope this helps!
    NikhilDigitalSocialSEO, Jul 18, 2012 IP