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What is the best way of building a Sales and Marketing Strategy for my product?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by DaffyNTUA, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    Actually, we (we are 3) recently developed a product called tooristas (www.tooristas.com). Tooristas innovation lies in the combination of activity-based vacation planning along with real time, (personalized in the future) information services to travelers.

    Currently Tooristas presents three small Aegean islands and registers more than 100 businesses and the revenues (annual subscription of advertised businesses) till now are approximately 10K euros.

    However, it seems - till now - that is very difficult, firstly to maintain the content of the web site, secondly to keep and expand your customers (businesses), and thirdly to expand the product to other tourism destinations (since you need to collect lot of content for each destination).

    So, can you suggest any alternative in making this product viable and expandable?

    Are there any alternatives to the "subscription model" to earn money from our product?

    And which is the best way to more effectively invest a small amount (from our current revenues) of money in digital marketing?

    Thank you very much...
    DaffyNTUA, Aug 25, 2015 IP
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    Why don't you do revshare? You will find more businesses willing to advertise with you if you do not ask them for subscription but you take a % of every sale you send them. For this you would have to have your own staff closing the deals, answering phones ect but you would get more businesses represented this way. As for it being lots of work, welcome to the online world :) you will have to delegate the work at some point in time in any case.
    Domain Lead Finder, Aug 25, 2015 IP