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What is the best SEO tips for blogger blog?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by zaman khan19, Mar 5, 2019.

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    Hello,What is the best on page SEO optimization for blogger blog?I am a new blogger so i need to know that,thank you.
    zaman khan19, Mar 5, 2019 IP
  2. allout

    allout Prominent Member

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    I am giving totally my opinion and others may disagree. Do not waste your time buolding up a blog that is really never yours. Instead purchase a domain and self host a Word Press blog. You can find cheP hosting at first and if it becomes a success, you can transfer to a better host.

    With Blogger, if you become any bit of a success, you out grow their system fast and have to totally rebrand which wipes out your hard work.

    As far as SEO, build backlinks, make sure to submit to search engines, and always write quality content geared towards the reader not the search engines.
    allout, Mar 6, 2019 IP
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  3. mrb1129

    mrb1129 Well-Known Member

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    That is one good advice.

    And to OP I ask what's the subject of your blog?
    mrb1129, Mar 6, 2019 IP
  4. Salman Saleem

    Salman Saleem Greenhorn

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    1. Use SEO-Friendly URLs
    2. Start Title With Keyword
    3. Add Modifiers To Your Title
    4. Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag
    5. Dazzle with Multimedia
    6. Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags
    7. Drop Keyword in First 100 Words
    8. Use Responsive Design.
    Salman Saleem, Mar 7, 2019 IP
  5. joseph350

    joseph350 Active Member

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    For On-Page SEO optimization for blogger blog, you should perform some activities.

    You should choose some keywords according to your niche, your articles should contain those keywords appropriately. You must not do keyword stuffing and should use LSI keywords. Your article title and URL should also contain keywords. Utilize Alt tags for for your images and embed a video on your blog. Write Meta description containing your keywords for your articles, and use proper meta tags as well as Heading tags. I think these are the On-Page SEO basics for blogger blog.
    joseph350, Mar 9, 2019 IP
  6. Shivani Shrivastav

    Shivani Shrivastav Active Member

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    Some of the SEO services tips and tactics that business must incorporate/retain- in your online strategy in order to remain relevant in 2019–2020.

    Keep update your blog with quality content
    Mobile Responsiveness
    Invest In Great Content
    Always write information post
    Influencer Based Marketing
    Mobile Indexing
    Do some social media promotion
    Shivani Shrivastav, Mar 13, 2019 IP
  7. Cristiano Andrioli

    Cristiano Andrioli Peon

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    1. Blog title and posts
    The title of your blog and your posts is a very important SEO factor. Original and provocative titles are a concern and may cause Google users to choose your link among others.
    Blogger automatically sets a blog title tag according to what you set in "Settings" / "Basic" / "Title". You can also add a description of your blog without changing the HTML of your template.
    Already in the posts, it is used as title of own title of the posts. It's an interesting idea to add the title of your blog to the end, which is also done with a small change.
    The code below, which should be placed in the <head> section of your template in relation to the original code, will make two changes mentioned in the above paragraphs. Note that there are no words in bold.

    <b: if cond = 'data: blog.pageType == & quot; index & quot; »

    <title> Keywords - <data: blog.title /> </ title>

    <b: else />

    <title> <data: blog.pageName> - <data: blog.title /> </ title>

    </ b: if>​

    2. Meta tag description
    A meta description is sometimes used by Google to show a small content of your blog or page in the search results. So by setting yourself up right, also increasing your chances of getting clicks on search results.
    In Blogger, it's set to "Settings" / "Search Preferences" / "Meta tags".
    "When you set a description for your blog, it will also be enabled for your posts, with the title" Search description, on the right side of the editor.

    3. Custom URLs
    The key to key words in the URL of your posts is another important SEO factor. Why, it's important that you always review and correctly define a URL of all the articles you've written on your blog.
    To change it, simply use the "Permanent link" option available in the options editor of the post editor.

    4. Header Tags
    The structure of header tags (or headers) is also important for SEO purposes. The article Know how to use the tags Heading Tags explains very well its use.
    In Blogger, it is possible to control as H1, H2, H3 etc tags, defining them in the CSS of your template. Good templates already come with the tags correctly, just choose the format of a post.

    5. ALT and TITLE attributes in images
    When using posts, Blogger allows you to define the ALT and TITLE attributes, which are essential for the smooth running of the images in the search.
    Use it is simple: just select the image in the editor, click "Properties" and fill in the "title text" and "alternative text" boxes.
    Cristiano Andrioli, Mar 13, 2019 IP