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What is the best domain hosting service that you would recommend?

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by MikeLumbley, Oct 5, 2011.

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    I want to build my own website to sell my eBooks, so I need a domain host. and although some domain hosting service such as GoDaddy provides 1 page of free website template, I am still thinking to buy a website builder package as well ( I have very little website building knowledge).

    So can someone please recommend the best hosting service that he/she had used? And also his/hers recommended website or web page builder?

    Please help and thank you all in advance!
    MikeLumbley, Oct 5, 2011 IP
  2. MBDungo

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    You can use free web hosting service as well.. There are many hosting services around the web!

    I am not expert about that, but my advice is use a free hosting for your commerce site. It is just an e-commerce and it doesn't need a GB storage. And use PayPal as your online payment provider, use their "Buy" button(s) and fill up some details, and attach it to your site as a transaction for your buyer.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2011
    MBDungo, Oct 25, 2011 IP