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What Is Db Full Error?

Discussion in 'Databases' started by Jeremy Benson, Jan 8, 2024.

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    If I try to create a table in mysql and the db is full what error will I get? I'm making a system where each table that grows gets a database and only that table. I'll query multiple tables for data. I know the table full error, but I'm not sure what error is returned if the db is maxed out of table space.

    Is this the right way to look at it, or can one DB hold an infinite amount of tables until my Google Cloud Disk is full?
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2024
    Jeremy Benson, Jan 8, 2024 IP
  2. Sumit_Singh

    Sumit_Singh Well-Known Member

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    If the MySQL database is full, you may get the error
    ERROR 1114 (HY00): The table 'xyz' is full
    Code (markup):
    . This error occurs when the disk memory is full.
    Sumit_Singh, Jan 8, 2024 IP
  3. Jeremy Benson

    Jeremy Benson Well-Known Member

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    Thanks Sumit. So it's the same error. I find disk confusing. Is this something to do with the database, or the drive phpmyadmin is on?
    Jeremy Benson, Jan 8, 2024 IP
  4. Lucy Martin

    Lucy Martin Peon

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    So you resolved his problem thanks Sumit!
    Lucy Martin, Jan 9, 2024 IP
  5. JEET

    JEET Notable Member

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    @Jeremy Benson
    phpmyadmin has nothing to do with how much storage space mysql database has.
    Your hosting space is the total space available to all your files plus databases.
    So if you have a total of 10GB hosting space, then this is the amount shared between your files and your database.
    If you are on a VPS or dedicated server, then softwares installed on the VPS or server will also share the same space. Softwares like apache, php, etc etc.
    Also, if you start getting the table is full error on any one table, then it will happen on all tables in your entire hosting account.
    It means that your entire hosting disk space is full.
    You will not be able to write in any table, doesn't matter which database it is in.
    Think of this like folders in your laptop's hard disk. If you get the error "not enough space to copy file", then it means the whole disk is full, not just that particular folder.

    What are you trying to do anyways? What do you mean by:
    "each table that grows gets a database and only that table"

    Who makes a new database for every table?
    Your script will spend so much time connecting and disconnecting between databases that it will become a headache to open a webpage.
    You cannot link tables using join statements also.
    This is a really bad idea.
    JEET, Feb 10, 2024 IP