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What If you are able to rank anything on YouTube?

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by epilot, May 22, 2018.

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    Hi mates,
    What to rank and make money out of it if you are able to rank anything on Youtube?

    I would like to go for affiliate marketing for this, but also any other method that can bring big money/commission is great too! But also would like to use the sale videos of the vendors/companies. How would you go for this if you had such ability?

    Thank you.
    epilot, May 22, 2018 IP
  2. Komputerking

    Komputerking Greenhorn

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    It's good that their isn't a ranking in all honesty. It would just be abused by bigger companies and they would save way more pushing products and filling it on youtube. The only perk is that tech reviewers and celebrities would have more ways to make more income which is technically good but also bad considering that companies would entire change the landscape of youtube
    Komputerking, May 23, 2018 IP