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What I realized that these files did not get uploaded ?

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by dini patel, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Hello,Yahoo users

    I need some help about yahoo site builder i am running a Yahoo web hosting business. I was trying to update my Online small business for my customers satisfaction. I realized that there is a need to have video CMS, so that they can upload their own videos. Hence, I thought of adding this system like a minim YouTube video site, and I tired posting them on my site.
    What I realized that these files did not get uploaded. I do not know the main problem for the failure in transfer. Later, I came to know that Yahoo doesn't let the ".htaccess" file to get uploaded.

    Dini Patel
    dini patel, Apr 3, 2014 IP
  2. pupul

    pupul Prominent Member

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    Never ever use Yahoo! hosting. It's worst hosting provider with less control.
    pupul, Oct 6, 2014 IP
  3. manishak2001

    manishak2001 Active Member

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    Even I don't like Yahoo! hosting. One of my friends could easily transfer his domain to Yahoo! hosting, but when it came to renewal, he was charged almost thrice the amount, which is ridiculous. He tried canceling it but I believe the support is not helpful.
    Godaddy on the other hand is a good provider.
    manishak2001, Oct 7, 2014 IP