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What have you automated in your e-commerce processes ?

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by LouisGrf, Nov 19, 2019.

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    I would like to better know what kind of processes you have succeeded in automating and which tool did you use?

    We created a tool to automate processes and more and more users are coming from e-commerce. But my knowledge in your sector is pretty low, that's why I am looking for any help from someone experienced. Our users seem to use it for:

    • trigger emails based on user parameters that he can adjust for the how long they wait and how many emails they send
    • showing personalized information to shoppers based on previous history and behavior (ie. recommended items or 'similar items')
    • Need to send notifications to the customer when an order has shipped, when it will be expected, if there is a problem and any other updates. Also, need to keep all systems up to date with changes (synch databases)
    • Check out Process with payment via Stripe API and Inventory Management (make sure it's there and the update once complete) with giftcard API (make sure it's valid and then use it)
    If someone is available and interested in this topic, feel free to tell me so we can discuss it.

    Thanks for your help
    LouisGrf, Nov 19, 2019 IP
  2. scu8a

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    At this point in time, I'd say I feel more concerned regarding the topic of automation than I find it to be interesting. Back in the mid-2000s, I programmed custom tools to automate the tasks in my job that I disliked. It was a very high-pressure, and stressful job. I started off creating a few simple programs to improve my productivity. These were very simple programs that did very little things in the beginning. Over a few months, I had developed my custom tools into a single application that was quite sophisticated. I'll never forget hearing what one of my coworkers said one day during lunch. He mentioned to me that he was concerned about losing his job. That's when I got confused as to why he was afraid of getting laid-off. He was a model employee who was consistently productive. Was there something he knew that I did not? It turns out that he did. In fact, the entire department shared the concern. I never would have guessed their reason for concern. The tools that I had created allowed me to perform 80 hours of work in less than 3 minutes. I would simply click a button, stand up, walk to the employee lounge and brew some coffee. I'd return to my desk and my work was complete. I had no idea that my coworkers were all worried that my automation tools would soon replace the entire department. Well, when it comes to work, part of why you do what you do is because it provides you with a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and meaning in life. I didn't predict that automating my job would compromise my sense of accomplishment, purpose, and erode the very meaning of my existence. When these psychological foundations break down, it can put you into a downward spiral of disillusion. Your motivation is destroyed. As a result, your productivity takes a nosedive. I left the job a few months later. What I learned from that experience is that a person's work is a significant part of their identity. When you struggle with your identity, it negatively impacts your perception of self worth. In summary, I've come to realize that automation will rob people of their most fundamental psychological needs. The social fabric of our society will tear itself to shreds. I wish I weren't this confident about what's to come, but keep in mind -- I don't have a crystal ball, and the chances that I will be correct in my hypothesis is far from certain. Regardless of what the future holds, it has already impacted my life to such a significant degree that I have reason to be legitimately concerned. I'm not a luddite, but it's easy to understand the point-of-view of where they're coming from.
    scu8a, Dec 17, 2019 IP