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What has GOOGLE become?

Discussion in 'Google' started by StoneSolid, May 5, 2019.

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    Hello people.

    I'd be curious to hear some comments about current situation with google, from actual webmasters that are around for long enough to notice and experience the patterns and changes.

    We're witnessing:
    - search result pages STUFFED with ads above and below the fold
    (some queries show as much as 5 ads above organic, 3 below, shopping thumb ads on the right - sometimes there is as much as FULL page of scrolling before organic results)
    - search result pages STUFFED with google properties (widgets)
    (graphs, recommendations, answer boxes, question boxes...)
    - search result pages crowded with amazon results within organic
    (multiple amazon results for any imaginable item that can be bought)
    And at the same time....
    - google is filtering good traffic for adwords
    (depending on your query and behavior/clicks around search page, you will see different or less ads, and ads will vanish completely after algorithm determines you're a researcher, not a viable buyer)
    - google is simplifying long tail query to the point it becomes unusable
    (precise queries with many words returning results from big brand websites that partially cover the query, therefore making the smaller exact answer sites practically unreachable by normal search)
    - google books are scattered across results for any and every kind of queries
    (filler results, they are there for simply having the words from the searcher's query)
    - google is blatantly disregarding the content origin and copyright
    (exact textual content and original images appearing all over other, even spam and scrape websites, without original even being shown, and regardless if original content was indexed years ago)

    I will not even mention the wild level of serp manipulation going on with PBNs, hacked links and pure spam tactics. That is a visible problem but it isn't the same category of an issue I'm talking about right now.

    To summarize all I've written above - it means that WE as WEBMASTERS, now in 2019 (more than ever before), are efficiently competing for organic spots on "PAGE 2" of google, below all the ads and google widgets, and after google did everything possible to send the best converting traffic to its own properties or adwords partners.

    This isn't anything new and it is going on and progressing for a long time, with google revenue going UP and UP with every quarterly report, made possible on top of our content and our websites.

    Considering google is holding a total monopoly, what can we as webmasters do?
    I'm not a fan of sitting idle.
    StoneSolid, May 5, 2019 IP
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  2. Spartan14

    Spartan14 Member

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    Yea everybody wants to make more money inclusive google so paid traffic needs to be taked in consideration very serious
    Spartan14, May 6, 2019 IP
  3. drax2006

    drax2006 Well-Known Member

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    remember....Dont be evil bwahahahahah
    drax2006, May 10, 2019 IP
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  4. Em&em

    Em&em Peon

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    True, I feel like I am used to it now. I'd rather the results be organic, but as mentioned, everyone wants the money
    Em&em, May 14, 2019 IP
  5. qwikad.com

    qwikad.com Illustrious Member Affiliate Manager

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    What searches are you referring to @StoneSolid ? I still can find anything I used to find on the first (sometimes second) page. I wonder if they serve more paid / their own ads on pages where they can offer better services and less paid / their own ads where the competition is low or better website links are available.

    I am not arguing that it's different now, but it's still just as useful to me as it was 5-10 years ago. Now I've noticed that some sites that used to be on top are nowhere to be found, but one can almost expect that when it comes to search engines.
    qwikad.com, May 14, 2019 IP
  6. phplduser

    phplduser Member

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    Personally I think it’s really hard trying to get a new website that’s targeting the internet and not a local audience without paying google.

    Best Regards
    phplduser, May 14, 2019 IP
  7. dvduval

    dvduval Notable Member

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    Well I think it's important to keep in mind that there are large marketing companies that are working for big corporations who have teams and teams of people who are studying Google and find the best ways to rank. And of course they are finding the best ways to provide the content that people will want to consume. Or maybe they don't want to consume it but they have the ability to do what is needed to get you to click on it or people to click on it and general.

    well I don't like feeling like I'm just one little ant in a Big Field of Corporations who rule the world, I have to recognize what the current reality is, and there is still opportunity even for someone like me. And I also recognize that the people who work for the corporations also have families to feed and employees at the corporation who have families to feed.

    the internet has grown huge, there are trillions of pages. And how many pages of that content have you produced? And then you want to complain that you are one page at a trillions is not working like it should?

    The best strategy is to find friends and people who are interested in what you do and show them what you do and try to produce things that they like so that they will come to your site and do what you want them to do like by things.
    dvduval, May 14, 2019 IP
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