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What do you Do?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Seogoogle1, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Priki

    Priki Active Member

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    If you already open the door to the problems, then it will be much difficult to close it... :)

    In my opinion, you don't have to let this things happen! The only way if you want be in good balance is if you start to practice ethics and morality. Normally, you should first start with ethics if you want to go on level 2 - morality. Most of the people have problem to pass ethics, because they have to start to build self-discipline.

    Self-discipline is definitely the first and most important step in you journey to yourself. Because, when you reach that goal in your life, I am sure that you will not gonna let things happens to you or even if they start randomly, you will know how to solve it! ;)
    Priki, Dec 2, 2015 IP
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  2. mohsin qureshi

    mohsin qureshi Active Member

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    Very true. Thanks for posting such a very good and different post.
    mohsin qureshi, Dec 2, 2015 IP
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