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what do i need to do next?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by dpakman91, Jul 21, 2005.

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    alright, so here is my current situation with websites:

    heartheissues.com, up almost a year. good text link income, moderate affiliate income from CJ. steadily increasing traffic. right now it's on "cruise control," just adding about 5 pages a day of new content. page rank 5.

    jewishreference.com, up only about 3 weeks. adding about 10 pages of content per day. more modest text link sales and little affiliate income. traffic increasing every day from search engines. no page rank yet.

    thevividedge.com, owned the domain about 15 months, just recently put up a directory a couple of weeks ago...nothing had been on the site for well over 8 months. steady traffic, site submissions slowing down a little after a big boom when i launched. modest text link income, almost no affiliate income.

    what do i need to do next? all sites are submitted to as many directories as i can find, so that i am on track with.

    i've considered expanding with some kind of database site, be it lyrics, golf courses, etc. what should i be doing to continue the upward push? i'm open to ANY kind of suggestions, be it specific suggestions on current sites, or whatever else.
    dpakman91, Jul 21, 2005 IP
  2. Lynn Terry

    Lynn Terry Peon

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    Continue to track & tweak on your current sites, and seek out new quality inbound links...

    - and begin working on a few new ones! :)
    Lynn Terry, Jul 21, 2005 IP
  3. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    and if


    shows a blue color instead of a high error number
    then u know you have done all to avoid slowing down to UP move of the traffic ...
    you may also want to make links SE friendly and w3 friendly
    will do
    there are multiple methods to achieve such nicer URLs
    mode rewrite or just correct the code creating the link

    there is always a solution to avoid
    ALT" not specified

    and many other errors
    the further the page progresses the more accumulated errors result

    from top to bottom
    oe at a time until the validator shows BLUE color :)
    hans, Jul 21, 2005 IP
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  4. dpakman91

    dpakman91 Banned

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    great information from both of you for sure, thanks a ton!
    dpakman91, Jul 22, 2005 IP
  5. cashmirrors

    cashmirrors Well-Known Member

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    That's a very useful tool.

    Hans ROCKS.
    cashmirrors, Jul 23, 2005 IP