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What can I do to improve my ranking for my selected keywords?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by TheLabelRoom, Oct 25, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm new here so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place/is not allowed by forum rules/is a complete nuisance to any and everyone.

    I'm trying to rank higher for my chosen keyword - "address labels"; we are a company that produces address labels and would like to increase online sales.

    I am writing to request that anybody with any information at all offer me help - the website address is www.thelabelroom.co.uk

    Thanks in advance,
    TheLabelRoom, Oct 25, 2013 IP
  2. seovidya

    seovidya Greenhorn

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    Choose long tail keywords, based on that you can work out, by working for long tail keywords, we can bring generic keywords also. actually it is generic keyword. you need to work hard.
    seovidya, Oct 25, 2013 IP
  3. Techking

    Techking Active Member

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    1. Try to stick to one subject per page, and stick to one keyword phrase per page. That doesn't mean you should write stilted text or use odd phrases. Clear writing is both easier to search and easier to read.

    2. Content is king so develop quality and quantity content on same keywords.

    3.Give page a descriptive name and normal-length title

    4.Links should be search-engine friendly .

    5.Promote all pages in social engine website regularly .

    6.Make your graphics more quality ones.

    7.Design ==> Customers + Traffic + Sales

    Hope this will help .
    Techking, Oct 25, 2013 IP
  4. patco

    patco Well-Known Member

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    First to say that it would be really hard, first because it's a good keyword! Then, your domain name have NOTHING in common with it. So you should compensate with PERFECT On-Page SEO and good backlinks...

    So, add unique title and description and try to add your keyword there... Also, a few H1 tags with this keyword would be great... Alt for images and Title for links are perfect to "write" your keyword a few more times... Just do NOT overdo this!

    Then, for Off-Page SEO, pay attention to guest blogging with this keyword, article and forum marketing with RELATED keywords! (*but related ones -> Good address labels -> This is just an example!). Also, Social Bookmarking sites would help you a lot! :) :) :)
    patco, Oct 25, 2013 IP
  5. C.Rebecca

    C.Rebecca Active Member

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    There are several reasons for not getting good results,
    - Your niche is very competitive
    - Your keywords are very competitive
    - Your optimization strategy lacks something

    To begin with:
    - Check your keywords for competition, popularity, relevance and profitability
    - Make sure you have included fresh and unique content with keywords inserted in appropriate density
    - You have submitted a Sitemap to Google

    Once that is done,
    - Submit your website to social bookmarking websites
    - Acquire some relevant Inbound Links from authority sites
    - Submit your RSS feed to search engines
    - Participate in social networking sites, forums and communities
    C.Rebecca, Oct 28, 2013 IP