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What are your thoughts on Yahoo Answers?

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by internetguy, Feb 9, 2006.

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    I find it quite addicting - a good way to waste some time. Some of the answers are actually amusig - great comic relief.

    I think good answers to relevant questions can also be a way of driving traffic to your site (you can add your URL as the resource link). Still too early to tell if this tactic has brought significant results but it'll be something I'm monitoring.

    Your thoughts?
    internetguy, Feb 9, 2006 IP
  2. wentworth

    wentworth Guest

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    I hope the $$$ going to YPN start soon.
    wentworth, Feb 9, 2006 IP
  3. meditang

    meditang Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for informing about this nice service!
    Got to know of it today only
    meditang, Feb 9, 2006 IP