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What are your thoughts on using scrapebox for keywords for ppc campaigns?

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by Demos, Nov 9, 2017.


Do you get impressions and clicks from search terms that were predicting 0 monthly search volume?

  1. Yes, it happens often for low search volume keywords.

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  2. Yes, it does sometimes.

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  3. No, I tried it but I never get any impressions from them.

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    I am in the life insurance lead generation niche and know that many of the keywords are very expensive and sometimes difficult to be profitable, but I was speaking to someone and they said that scraping keywords with scrapebox using keywords suggest is a good idea for many keywords you will not get using the google or even the bing keyword planner.

    I have used it and found many relevant keywords this way which when entered in google and bing keyword planner gave me search volumes of 0.

    Is it possible for google keyword planner to show 0 average monthly searches when it is low volume but they keyword could still receive impressions and clicks?

    What is your experience with search terms that show 0 monthly searches in the google keyword planner?
    Demos, Nov 9, 2017 IP
  2. Asterix91

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    In my experience, when the search volume is that low, campaigns won't get active. And even if they would be active you would not get almost any clicks.

    You need to focus in improving your Quality Score , your bounce rate, and your conversion rate.
    Asterix91, Dec 1, 2017 IP