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What are the top ten content management software in your opinion 2013

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Nicholas Pope, Apr 23, 2013.

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    I am interested to know what CMS people prefer to use these days, please take a moment to give me your top 2 or 3 with a reason why if you would like. For me I prefer to use....
    1. Subrion - Free, Easy to customize, plugins / addons and paid packages also, the software creators are active within the community forever coming up with new ideas.

    2. Wordpress - Free, A lot of automated processes, easy to use admin, huge community.

    There are so many content management software out there these days it hard to choose the right one for the project, so please let us know why they were right for your projects.
    Nicholas Pope, Apr 23, 2013 IP
  2. ShinoRex

    ShinoRex Well-Known Member

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    Hi Nicholas,

    My first choice is WordPress,

    1) WordPress - If you think WordPress is only for blogs, your definition needs an upgrade. WordPress can handle multiple authors, specialized content types, and pretty much anything a user would expect from a CMS. WordPress is legendary for being easy to learn and use. It's also got a sweet user interface. If your needs are straightforward, WordPress could easily be the best choice.

    2) Drupal - Drupal can do almost anything. Seriously. Drupal was designed to get new features using tons of little modules. Many of these modules are maintained by professional developers for large clients, but you still get them for free.

    3) Joomla - Joomla's admin interface is powerful but also user-friendly. Out of the box, I think it has the best interface of the three for managing large amounts of articles.

    ShinoRex, Apr 24, 2013 IP
    Nicholas Pope likes this.
  3. humtuma

    humtuma Notable Member

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    According to me famous software are:
    - Joomla
    - Expression engine
    humtuma, Apr 25, 2013 IP
  4. rashida

    rashida Active Member

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    Wordpress is the best content management system.
    rashida, Apr 26, 2013 IP
  5. passionate_rohan

    passionate_rohan Well-Known Member

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    Although it depends on the type of installation you want but generally I prefer these CMS softwares-

    Wordpress CMS : Whenever there is a need for quick, easy and user-friendly system.
    + Easy to setup, configure and maintain
    + SEO friendly
    + Puts you on autopilot
    + Ease of development
    + Good community
    + Plenty of tutorials available
    + ....and actually much more

    - WP can be much easily identified by many people, often only by looking at the layout
    - Although it is a great platform, but most top business websites do not prefer this
    - Way to go to find a reputed place in enterprise systems
    Drupal : To build high performing, industry leading, robust systems Drupal offers a highly competent solution. With a good understanding and some development, Drupal can be a tamed beast.
    + Very robust and scalable system
    + Used by many Fortune-500 IT companies to power their internet or intranet
    + Offers enterprise grade solutions
    + Developed to serve portal solutions and not blogs (unlike WordPress - which came up as a blogging software and later turned into CMS)

    - Learning curve is higher as compared to Wordpress
    - Plenty of quality plugins but the list is not as exhaustive as WordPress
    - Initial configuration may take some time therefore deployment is not as fast as WP

    Joomla : In my opinion, it is a system that fills the gap between WordPress and Drupal. A real good software with nice features, plugins, support and community.
    + Often finds a place in enterprise solutions
    + A mature platform to build portals
    + The next best (in fact most popular and common) choice after Wordpress
    + Easy to deploy with wide range of plugins
    - Although feature rich but administration feels bit bulky and heavy.
    - Authoring and publishing is comparatively complicated.


    Other than these I tried some other CMS'es like Alfresco, Ektron, Mambo, Typo3 and Modx as well, but wasn't able to explore their full power. All these systems were interesting in their own way.
    Many new CMS'es are coming up nowadays. Some of them are simply "ME TOO" replicas, some offers niche solutions.
    But the above mentioned systems have been in the industry for long time and you won't need to switch your CMS in near future.
    passionate_rohan, May 1, 2013 IP
  6. liquidwebBret

    liquidwebBret Greenhorn

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    My personal preference in order from best to worst.
    1: Wordpress
    2: Drupal
    3: Joomla

    I've always preferred Wordpress my go to CMS to be sure.
    liquidwebBret, May 7, 2013 IP