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What are some best FREE product hunters for eCommerce?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by saadi123, Feb 5, 2023.

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    I'm running an eCommerce website on a dropshipping model and on a tight budget so I'd appreciate if someone can help me with suggestions related to free product hunters software available out there?

    Thank you.
    saadi123, Feb 5, 2023 IP
  2. Lisamay123

    Lisamay123 Greenhorn

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    1. Google Trends: Google Trends allows you to explore and compare the popularity of different search terms over time. By analyzing trending topics and search patterns, you can identify product ideas and capitalize on rising trends.

    2. AliExpress Dropshipping Center: AliExpress offers a free tool called the Dropshipping Center. It provides insights into popular products, product analysis, and sales trends based on AliExpress data. It can help you discover trending products and potential suppliers.

    3. Oberlo: Oberlo is a popular dropshipping app that integrates with platforms like Shopify. While it offers a paid version, it also has a free plan that provides access to product research features. You can use Oberlo's product discovery tool to find trending products, analyze competition, and import them to your store.

    4. Facebook Audience Insights: Although not strictly a product hunting tool, Facebook Audience Insights can be used to understand the interests, demographics, and behaviors of your target audience. This information can help you identify potential products that align with your customers' preferences.

    5. eBay: eBay is a vast marketplace with a wide range of products. By exploring popular and trending listings on eBay, you can gather ideas for products that have demand and potential for your dropshipping business.

    6. Social Media: Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest can be valuable sources for product inspiration. By following influencers, industry experts, and relevant hashtags, you can stay updated on popular products and emerging trends.
    Lisamay123, Jun 13, 2023 IP
  3. Webys Traffic Inc

    Webys Traffic Inc Greenhorn

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    I've spent countless hours searching for reliable, free product hunting tools for eCommerce businesses. There are quite a few on my list that have shown to be indispensable.

    1. Trend Hunter: It's a huge source of inspiration for me, offering a wide array of products from different industries, giving a clear idea about trending products. It's well-organized, and the detailed insights into each product are a cherry on top.

    2. Cool Material: It's perfect if you're into men's gear and lifestyle products. It's a goldmine of unique and innovative items that are not available elsewhere.

    3. The Gadget Flow: This platform lists products from all categories, especially tech and gadgets. It keeps me informed about the latest product releases and their unique features.

    4. Uncrate: It's an excellent source for discovering high-quality men's products, from fashion to automotive and tech.

    5. Wanelo (Want, Need, Love): What I appreciate about Wanelo is its social shopping aspect, which gives me insights about what products are getting customer love.

    6. Product Hunt: It's more of a tech-focused platform, but you'll still find great eCommerce products. Its community-based voting system helps me identify top-tier, innovative products.

    7. Google Trends: My secret weapon for SEO. It helps me track trending products based on search queries, giving me a sense of what consumers are interested in.
    These free tools have greatly streamlined my eCommerce product hunting process. They not only save me time but also offer unique product ideas that keep my content fresh and relevant to my audience.
    Webys Traffic Inc, Jul 1, 2023 IP
  4. Mark Elijah

    Mark Elijah Greenhorn

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    Free options for product hunting:
    1. Ecomhunt Free Features: Offers curated product suggestions and access to their blog with valuable tips (no sales data or advanced features).
    2. Trend-Jacking with Social Media: Look for trending products on platforms like TikTok and Instagram using relevant hashtags.
    3. Google Trends: Discover trending searches that can indicate customer interest in new products.
    Mark Elijah, May 10, 2024 IP