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what are adwords,how it works

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by parth rana, Nov 5, 2013.

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    i have created a website which based upon jewellery items.i want to now make an adsense account and link it to my website..i am completely new to adwords or adsense..how do adwords work and what are adwords? how to place them in a website and do all this call for any investment!!
    (though this is very elementary but i will be really thankful if assisted upon the above mentioned subject)
    parth rana, Nov 5, 2013 IP
  2. Owl Writer

    Owl Writer Greenhorn

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    Adwords is a means of advertising to make about your website, in seo ordinary named as seo off page.
    Owl Writer, Nov 18, 2013 IP
  3. hoftl

    hoftl Active Member

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    adwords is a tool you use to advertise your product in Google search pages or on other sites. with this you can raise sales
    adsense is a tool you use to add to your site block with ads other people do in adwords. with this you can generate profit on your site, independently on your sales, just from ads in the adsense block

    so if you want to sell more - just go to adwords.google.com and register there (login) with the gmail account you will use to advertise your products.
    if you want to get profit from your site - go to adsense.google.com

    there is a help section there you will need to look at to start working anyway

    then you may ask for practical help, Pm me is you have further questions
    hoftl, Dec 17, 2013 IP
  4. vikassharma.seo

    vikassharma.seo Greenhorn

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    Hi, adwords and adsense both are different

    In adsense, google advertise its ad copies on your webpages and if anyone clik on those ad copies, you will get paid.

    Where as in adowrds, you pay google when a site visitor clcik on your ad copy on google search netowrk(google search engone) or google display network.

    I am a Adowrds professional and can help you with adowrds advertiing on Google.

    For google adsense, you need to create an adsense account, copy code given to you by google on your webpages and automatically google's ads appear on your site.

    Any asistance please let me know

    internet marketing expert
    vikassharma.seo, Dec 17, 2013 IP
  5. saurabh11

    saurabh11 Member

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    Adwords offers pay-per-click, that is, cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-mil (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads.
    saurabh11, Dec 21, 2013 IP
  6. Sherlock

    Sherlock Active Member

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    Adwords is a CPC and CPM based advertising module through which you can advertise your website online, for a detailed information browse over to : google.com/adwords.
    Sherlock, Dec 21, 2013 IP