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What about the fake feedback on ebay

Discussion in 'eBay' started by marketingguru101, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. nickstrech

    nickstrech Member

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    Not worth going down that road if your going to sell on ebay successfully and for the long term you might as well do it properly that way ebays happy, your customers are happy and you make money without having to worry about getting your account shut down, and then having to use more black hat tactics to open another account and worry about that getting shut down. Just not worth the hassle and stress you bring upon yourself.
    nickstrech, Feb 18, 2014 IP
  2. matt_62

    matt_62 Prominent Member

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    there are people on ebay that do have fake feedback. Its like one car I brought. I was losing the bidding, in the last few seconds, the top bid was cancelled (by the seller) to make me the winner. You check feedback of these sellers and sometimes you see the same person has won multiple times (ie, has brought something expensive, and both have left positive feedback) -> someone can look at this and know its fake, using a second account to bid and having secret reserves (a reserve price can be expensive) and if they win by accident, both leave positive feedback even if the item is relisted (SCAM!) Overall, big sellers can save on reserve fees by having second accounts. Even if they win by accident, with multiple items, the fees they save from not paying for a reserve, easily covers any closing fees they incur.

    There are other times when people have purchased items, specifically to screw over certain sellers, and I have seen this done, where an item was purchased, simply to give negative feedback (feedback left within minutes of the item purchased).
    The system is far from perfect, yet I still use ebay regularly.
    matt_62, Feb 18, 2014 IP